This Friday, August 12th, the city of Port Aransas proudly presents Mikayla Griffin at the Patsy Jones Amphitheater in Roberts Point Park from 7 - 9 pm.  Mikayla, born and raised in Cleburne, Texas started playing professionally at 10, (which was only 5 years ago) and was “officially discovered” at an open mic night at the House of Blues in Dallas when she was 11. In the four years since then, she has performed about 50 times at the House of Blues, as well as at various Opry venues in Texas.

Most recently, she performed at the state-of-the-art broadcast studio inside Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. The studio, which was made possible through the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, airs children’s programming to patients who are unable to leave their rooms and includes an outdoor performance stage so that visiting musicians can host concerts for patients. Her musical passions are pop and country, but after visiting with her and listening to her music I wouldn’t put her in a box. 

Mikayla performed at the Nashville Lights in 2015

Mikayla performed at the Nashville Lights in 2015

Here is our interview with her:

SFB: Have you been to Port Aransas? If so, what is your favorite thing to do?

MG: Walking on the beach and eating seafood. But I’m pretty sure my new favorite thing will be playing music in Port Aransas.

SFB: Who encouraged you to go to the open mic night at House of Blues the night you were discovered? Were you nervous?

MG: I was doing operas and then my grandpa put together a little band for me to try out. I wasn’t extremely nervous because I had been in front of audiences before, but it was kind of a big deal when I was that young.

SFB: What has been your favorite venue to perform and why?

MG: House of Blues Vegas was my favorite venue. It was really cool there and there was a country music festival going on across the street, so the audience was really into what I was doing. It was a great experience.

SFB: We know that you really liked performing at the studio inside Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. What is your favorite memory from that experience?

MG: When I was at the Ryan Seacrest Studio, we were checking in and there was a kid in the lobby really screaming and it was very loud in there and everyone was kind of not happy. I was holding a ukulele so I just started playing it and instantly the kid quieted down and started watching me. It really showed the power of music and how it can soothe you.

SFB: Have you thought about college? If so, what school do you have in mind?

MG: I plan on going to the Art Institute in Dallas. I’m very interested in doing animation.

SFB: What moment has made you the most proud? 

MG: The proudest moment I’ve ever had is when Miranda Lambert saw me playing at House of Blues and she asked me to meet her and complimented me on my voice. Ashley Monroe from Pistol Annies was there also and said she wished she had my range.

Mikayla Griffin with Country Superstar    Miranda Lambert

Mikayla Griffin with Country Superstar Miranda Lambert

SFB: Now for some silly questions. Who is your musical crush?

MG: My musical crush would be Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots.

SFB: Dr. Pepper or Coke? Also, what is your favorite junk food?

MG: Dr. Pepper of course! Just give me some ramen noodles and Flaming Hot Cheetos and I’m good to go for a while!

SFB: Are you a Pokémon Go player? If yes, what team and what is your best Pokémon catch?

MG: I do not play but if I did I would be on team Mystic.

“Let’s Have Some Fun” is Mikayla’s creation and a taste of the music she will be entertaining us with on Friday.  Bring a lawn chair, a tasty beverage, and cheer this girl on. She is truly a rising star!