Austin is known as the live music capital of the world, but Port Aransas is not lacking when it comes to providing top quality local talent. The City of Port Aransas Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a Summer Concert Series at Roberts Point Park.

Each month we will be highlighting the musicians/bands performing this summer. You will get an inside look at the musician and their music with information on when they will be performing.

This month the Jesse Stratton Band will be performing on July 8th. The concert will begin at about 7pm at the Patsy Jones Amphitheater.


The band is known for a perfect mix of Americana and Texas country music full of truth and raw emotion. Band vocalist, Jesse Stratton also plays guitar, saxophone, and harmonica. Jesse’s best friend, Kenny Martinez does percussion and vocals. Rounding out the band is Austin’s own Tony Garossino on lead guitar and John Ohlinger on bass guitar.

Jesse has been playing music since the age of 10 and attended school on a music scholarship. The Jesse Stratton Band was formed in 2014, originally as a duo – Stratton and Martinez. Eventually, they added Garossino and Ohlinger which created the full and rich sound live music fans beg for.  


To get to know Jesse and the band a little better we asked him some questions:


Interviewer: Have you been to Port Aransas before and, if so, what is your favorite thing about this place?

Jesse: I have not been since I was a child actually. My favorite part was always playing in the waves.


Interviewer: Who is the practical joker of the group?

Jesse: We don’t do many practical jokes, but we all make fun of each other constantly.


Interviewer: What is your favorite drink?

Jesse: Dr. Pepper, all the way. Especially with BBQ.


Interviewer: What do you and your band mates like to do for fun?

Jesse: When we’re not playing shows, we’re driving to shows. When we’re not driving to shows or playing shows, occasionally we go see another band play together. One of our favorite things to do is to go eat breakfast in the middle of the night after a show and see who can make the best (worst) puns.


Interviewer: Who is married/dating and who is still available?

Jesse: I am married with 4 children! I am the only member of the band who is married.


Interviewer: What was your best day as a band?

Jesse: Releasing our first full-length CD together, which just came out about two months ago.


HOT TIP!! If you are looking for a sneak peak, visit Treasure Island and hear Jesse do a solo act on July 7th at 8pm. If you’ve never been to Treasure Island it’s a must see as it's the newest and most beautiful bar on the island.


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We will see you there!