Today, on National Nature Photography Day, we celebrate those who see the world a little differently. Photographers look through the lens of a camera and capture moments in time that we all may enjoy.  Port Aransas, with so much natural beauty, has a large number of amateur, semi-pro, and professional photographers.  We present to you a sampling of their work:

LeAnna Morgan, Owner of Island Paparazzi Photography is a licensed photographer for Getty,, and LeAnna’s works are available by order and she is open to commissioned work. Contact Leanna at

Follow her on Facebook: Island Paparazzi Photography and LeAnna Morgan, She is also available on Twitter and Instagram.

Linda Perry McLemore-Dunn has been a professional photographer since 1984. She has a BA in Art and Performance from the University of Texas and a Masters in Painting from Texas Women's University. Linda lives in Port Aransas and is always capturing the island style masterfully in her photography. Here we have two of her photos that she sent us from a trip to Cozumel, Mexico last week using her GoPro Camera. To contact Linda, please email her at


Don Rymer is an amateur photographer who currently lives in Fort Worth, TX. If you have an interest in his works you may contact him at

Mike Cosby lives and works in nearby Corpus Christi, TX. He has been doing photography for about a year and is just starting to sell some of his images. He has pieces available for purchase on and can be contacted at

We hope these images have inspired you to go out and enjoy nature today! Get out there and find something beautiful to capture. When you do, please post your nature photos on our Facebook page: