Port Aransas has so many charms. It’s a small community with beautiful beaches, great fishing, and so much more.

One thing that is so amazing about our island is that we have the privilege of watching ships travel through the ship channel on a daily basis. These gentle giants make their way through with such grace and elegance; it is a joy to watch. You will often see residents and tourists taking pictures of these marvels of metal making their way through. 

The many pods of dolphin that live here help lead the way as they jump and play with the wave. 

(photo courtesy of G.A. Laird)

(photo courtesy of G.A. Laird)

Some ships look more like a carnival ride than a ship.

A few days out of the year, we get to see something truly amazing and the whole town is abuzz with whispers that a big rig is making its way through the channel. Crowds gather quickly and we greet our friends and neighbors.   Together we watch in awe and take pictures of these massive structures moving through the water and observe the dwarfed tug boats navigating the narrow waters as they help the giants glide out to sea or back in to port. 

And just when you think you’ve seen the biggest thing you could possibly see, one day you get a surprise… 

The fascination never ends and the people of Port Aransas never tire of watching the vessels move to-and-fro through our island waters. It is truly a blessing of island life.