If you've spent any time in Port Aransas you've seen a lot of small concrete boats - Farley boats - lovingly placed in the front yards of homes and businesses around town.  Each is as original as the owner - planted with flowers or painted with beach scenes.  These boats pay tribute to one of Port A's longest running enterprises - The Farley Boat Works - which was founded in 1914 by two brothers who saw a need for better functioning boats to serve tarpon guides and fisherman.  The design of the boats, with no obstructions around the perimeter of the vessel, provided a perfect platform for trolling for and landing the very large tarpon.  

The boats were manufactured in Port Aransas for over 60 years, until 1973, always of wood, even when boat building trends led others to switch to fiberglass construcion.  Farley Boatworks has been recently restored and the building now houses a museum and an operating boat works and boat building school once again.  The museum is part of the Port Aransas Historical and Preservation Association and is well worth a look.  Many families locally and from afar come to take a workshop in boat building.  Stop by 716 W Avenue C and watch boat builders and volunteers keep the art of boat building alive and well in Port A.

Sunflower Beach was proud to lend financial support to the preservation and restoration of the museum by being a donor to a fundraiser held onMarch 7, which raised over $100,000 for the addition of a new building at the Farley Boat Works and the operation of the wonderful Port Aransas Historical Museum. 

We enjoyed learning the story behind these cute little boats around Port A, and doing our part to support the legacy of the Farley Boat Works.